Sweat, Blood and Tears

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  • Dart
  • Formula20 2011

The Big Race

Dart staff competes with customers in self-made soapboxes. 

Not only designers miss the haptics, smell of materials and contact with the classical handicrafts in this age of digitalization. Dart expresses its desire for all that in “Formula 20”: In 2011 the agency’s present for its customers is a soap-box race with self-made boxes. Customers first receive a “First Aid Set” with a repair kit, “fuel” and soap against persistent engine oil for Christmas.  The right location for the race is the Remise in Duesseldorf - usually a meeting point for fans of classic and vintage cars. Of course, the agency awards a prize for the best soap-box design on the occasion of the race.

    • Project
    • D'Artcore 2011
    • Location
    • Classic Remise, Dusseldorf
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